Austin based company, and Proud of it!


Our Mission

Circtistic LLC, bringing art and technology together is an Austin, Texas startup founded by an MIT engineer, an architect, and an entrepreneur.  The diversity of this combination is exemplified by Circtistic's products, a unique fusion of art and technology with one simple idea in mind:

Hi-tech can be beautiful.

For the enormous part technology plays in our lives, we pay relatively little attention to it, merely assuming that our various gadgets will continue performing their stated function.  Here at Circtistic we hope to open your eyes to the overlooked and unusual nuances of technology, and hopefully, through creative expression, make you look at the modern world in a different light.

All our products are 100% lead free manufacturing and 100% original artwork.  They were designed in-house, right here in Texas, by a real artist. No computer programs or scripts were used to generate the painstaking detail on each piece; they were done entirely by hand.

To read more about how our ornaments were made, as well as see some pictures of our early prototypes and concept art, click the link below.

Design Process

About the Founders

Director of Sales and Distribution, Fritz Meitzen, has launched numerous successful web businesses in areas such as solar cells and hobby robotics.  He is currently the lead test engineer at Virtex, a PCB assembly house in Austin, TX.  He holds a BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin.

Director of Engineering, Mike Mills, is a freelance consultant in the semiconductor industry specializing in analog and mixed-signal design.  He holds a Masters degree in electrical engineering from MIT.

Design Principal Thomas Smith designs professional sports stadiums by day and the artwork for Circtistic by night.  He holds a Masters of Architecture from Texas A&M University.

Circtistic Concept Art

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